Actions that improve the environment are inseparably linked to the ambition of “sustainability”. At BLUE MOON, we thoroughly examined the environmental aims during the first year of our VCDO engagement. This theme was the most extensive in 2022, where we took the most steps. But let’s get to the specifics! Walk the talk, as they say. So what exactly have we done?

First and foremost, we aim to minimize our impact on the climate in BLUE MOON’s transportation practices. Therefore, we implemented a bicycle leasing plan, allowing employees to acquire bikes and receive a cycling allowance when commuting to work. Additionally, we made a strong commitment to the electrification of our fleet, purchasing a total of eight hybrid or electric vehicles. Considering our fleet consists of 11 company cars in total, this is already a significant step in the right direction.


If we want to play a significant part in a greener world, it is crucial to assess BLUE MOON’s current CO2 emissions. After all, measurement leads to awareness. Through the workshops provided by Atelier Carbon Footprint, we could accurately record the company’s emissions. The results indicated that the most significant issue lies in the use of resources, followed by freight. With a clear understanding of the effects of our activities, we can take targeted action.

Furthermore, BLUE MOON switched its energy contract to a green energy contract, which, although a relatively quick win, has a positive environmental impact. We also changed our purchase policy concerning facility products and switched completely to the sustainable alternatives.


Lastly, we continuously strive for responsible consumption and production. We invested in Dopper bottles for each employee, reducing the waste generated by plastic alternatives. We completely digitalized our Field Operations workflow, thanks to the development of a planning app and investment in tablets. It allows technical project managers to access all necessary information regarding materials and scheduling, eliminating the need for paper. We also considered greening the activities of the Pro AV Solutions team. In this field, we often encounter clients who have made incorrect choices for their audiovisual projects, resulting in unnecessary waste of resources. We offer service contracts, where we guide clients to make the right choices and offer maintenance support after the installation.


“People make the show” is one of the most essential values of BLUE MOON. As a company, we strive to do good for our people and create a workplace where they enjoy coming to and can further develop themselves. Happy and motivated employees contribute to a strong culture. That’s why, as part of our sustainability journey, we also invest in the “social” aspect.

It all starts with good health because a healthy body = a healthy mind. Two of our sporty colleagues initiated the “Move it!” initiative. Their logic for encouraging more physical activity is simple: exercise together! BLUE MOON organizes comprehensive sports activities at the company’s expense every month. We schedule more minor sports like walking, running, or swimming weekly. Healthy eating is also essential for good health. While “Greasy Fridays” were beloved within BLUE MOON, this enjoyable tradition needed some balance. Therefore, we organized a workshop on healthy nutrition because it all begins with knowledge. Lastly, BLUE MOON provides a fresh fruit basket, fairtrade-labeled coffee, and tea.


In addition to health, BLUE MOON also places great importance on personal growth and lifelong learning. The blueprint for BLUE MOON Academy 2.0 was a key action point in 2022. Through the Academy, employees can take online courses via a platform taught by senior employees with specific expertise. They can deepen their knowledge in specific areas by completing modules and exams.


BLUE MOON aims to be a company of choice in the sector. The safety and well-being of employees are top priorities. Therefore, it was essential to include the topic of “Governance” in our sustainability policy.

BLUE MOON defined one action point related to governance for the 2022 plan. While it may sound concise, it could be more significant. Together with organizational coach KOERS, we sought answers to the “why” and “how” of our company. This process took place over an extended period and involved input from every employee. The employees widely embraced the action point regarding our mission and values. It had the most significant impact on the day-to-day operations of BLUE MOON. You can find the results of this effort under the section on purpose and values.