Some information about our drive-in studio

  • Size of the studio

    Thanks to the size of the studio, you can place the camera 35 meters from the subject, a real luxury for studio photography!The total surface of the studio is +-200 m². A 14 by 14m square meters infiniti, plus an additional 120 square meter studio for smaller product shoots.

  • Infinity wall

    Our drive-in studio with an infinity circular wall - 14 x 14-meter set size and 7-meter clear height - is one of the largest in Belgium.

  • Utilisation specs

    The studio is rent by day. Our drive-in studio can be hired by photographers, film crews or by clients who which to hire our team of experts.

  • Rental price

    The cost per day is € 835 tax excluded.


  • Is any equipment included?

    YES! A professional kit of high quality studio spotlights and reflection screens are at your disposal.

  • What about extra hours after the opening hours?

    Hours before 9am and 18pm are charged extra at 100€/h.

  • Who should we work with?

    Odys has a professional team at your disposal. If you have your own team, we can of course join forces or only work with them.

  • What is the maximum load possible?

    The maximum load per square meter is 40tons. You can fit an elephant or even enter a truck.

  • Can we access the studio with a truck?

    The photo studio access provides an easy drive-in for trucks of all sizes.

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